Offline Gaming

Ficom Leisure provides strategic, corporate and business advisory services in all segments of the offline International Betting & Gaming Industry. We provide corporate advisory, business consultancy and investment related services from our locations in London, Rome, Madrid and Cyprus.

Ficom Leisure Offline Operations

Offline Operations
  • Betting-Shop Operations
  • Land-based Casinos
  • Land-based Bingos
  • Slot Machine Operations (VLT & AWP)
  • Betting Terminals
  • Horse Racing Tracks
  • Dog Racing Tracks
  • Lotteries

If you like to own your own horse for races, claiming and preparing a racehorse is a compensating interest, particularly in the event that you come to the cutthroat circuit. However, how can you begin? You’ve arrived at the right location. We’ll show you every step of the way: getting your horse used to you, developing routines for training, and moving on to competitive circuits. To increase your horse’s heart rate, you can ride it around the track for several hours at a walking and trotting pace. Check your horse’s heart rate with your fingers—you want it to be under 150 beats per minute during this training. For better care of them, we recommend to check this drainage for horse menage project.

Ficom Leisure has over 65 years expertise in the varied stages of Gaming & Betting Project development:

Ficom Leisure Gaming Project Stages